Electrical Installation

Do it yourself? Definitely not when it comes to electrical connections. That’s why Zaffero offers an installation service for pendant lights by a fully licensed and experienced electrician – call us for to arrange a personalised quote.


Have very high ceilings or a double storey void? No problems! We offer an alterations service where our licensed electrician can lengthen (or shorten) your new lights to fit perfectly in your space. We have colour-matched chain and coloured fabric-covered electrical cord available.


If one of your Zaffero products gets damaged or breaks outside of the guarantee period, we can get our electrician to look at it and provide a quote for repairing the item.

Design Service

Can't get the look exactly right? We can advise how to make your space or project look beautiful with just the right ambience, setting and placement of lights. We can even alter them in some cases so they’re just right for you.

Worldwide Delivery

We can organise delivery of our products to practically anywhere in the world. Just give us a country and a postcode and we will get back to you with a competitive quote.